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Our work in Vietnam focuses on remote rural areas where unproductive land and childhood malnutrition have a damaging impact on community health. 

Vietnam: An Overview

While Vietnam has seen significant development in recent years, particularly in urban areas, it remains a poor country, with significant poverty in remote rural areas.

One in three children is stunted as a result of poor nutrition during their formative years. With more than 60 percent of the population dependent on agriculture, access to quality agricultural inputs and extension services is critical.

While the country has some highly productive agricultural land it is in short supply and there are large portions of the country – particularly the highland regions—where the land is not productive. Not surprisingly those areas, home to many of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities, are the poorest in the country.

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Current Project in Vietnam: VETS

The VETS project focuses on working with our partner, IEHSD, to build their capacity to improve gender-responsive sustainable development. Based on their identified needs volunteers are recruited to work directly with staff and community members to improve their understanding of One Health and how it can be integrated into smallholder farming practices.

Working with the Thai Nguyen University volunteers will develop a curriculum to train students in animal, human and environmental health programs to set up demonstration sites within target communities. The project also focuses on improving community leave risk communication practices and improved access to animal health services.

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VETS Partners in Vietnam

Institute for Environmental Health and Sustainable Development

IEHSD is an independent organization established in 2013, in cooperation with the Center of Public Health and Ecological Research at Hanoi University (CENPHER) former VWB country partner.

Through inter-sectoral cooperation and multi-disciplinary approaches such as One Health, IEHSD implements interdisciplinary research on the assessment of health risk in relation to agriculture intensification, livestock production, water and environmental sanitation, community development, food security, antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases, infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.

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Leaving No Woman Behind

Leaving No Woman Behind

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Youth Empowerment in Dairy Farming

Youth Empowerment in Dairy Farming

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  • I have seen first-hand the benefits of capacity building and gender empowerment for smallholder livestock farmers, and stakeholders in the livestock sector.
    - Dr. Shauna Richards

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