Meet Some Past Volunteers

Brian Touray

Brian T  Country -- Laos

  Position--Coffee Value Chain Advisor

  International Partner-- CARE

  Start date-- July 1, 2018

Brian has couple of Master's Degrees, in Tourism Management & Marketing from Griffith University in Australia, and Agriculture & Development from University of Reading in the UK.  He spent almost a decade teaching tourism programs in Canadian Collages prior to joining the Development Community, working for and with major International Development Organization sponsored projects in Eastern and Southern Africa in Market Linkage, Agriculture, Secure Livelihoods, Organizational Assessment/Development and Gender & Human Rights projects.

Joseph Ansong-Danquah

 jadCountry -- Ghana

  Position--Field Veterinarian

  International Partner-- GAPNET

  Start date-- July 15, 2019

Joseph is a retired veterinarian from Quispamsis, New Brunswick. As a Canadian-Ghanaian, Joseph has been able to garner support for change in rural Ghana communities through his ability to understand the local culture and language. Leading animal health and biosecurity trainings over multiple placements, Joseph has been a wonderful volunteer enhancing animal and human health in Ghana, volunteering with VWB/VSF since 2016.


Samantha Canning

 Samantha Canning Country -- Ghana

  Position-- Animal Nutrition Training Specialist 

  International Partner--SEND Ghana

  Placement dates—May -August 2018 / January - May 2019

 Samantha worked in Tamale (northern Ghana) with SEND Ghana as a Animal Nutrition Training Specialist. Enjoying her time, Sam is worked with local farmers in rural communites to lead educational outreach sessions on vital topics such as feed management, animal nutrition, and animal comfort. Through each field trip she says she gains something as an individual, not only in terms of animal nutrition practice, but personally as well.  Her goal is to help families become more successful by diversifying animal and crop production, thereby increasing household profits and capacity. Sam has rerutned to Ghana to do another 4-month placement, and we are very happy to have her back as a return volunteer!

Brianne Kinahan

Screen Shot 2018 09 11 at 7.42.27 PM 1  Country -- Vietnam

  Position--One Health Curriculum Development Specialist

  International Partner-- CENPHER

  Start date-- June 1, 2018

Brianne is a graduate of the University of Toronto, having completed her Bachelor of Arts and Science with a double major in World History, English Literature & Language, and a minor in health promotions/wellness. More recently, Brianne completed a postgraduate in International Development, focusing on project management, monitoring and evaluation, and improving the health sector. Brianne is passionate about global health, environmental sustainability, community development, and improving access to appropriate healthcare services within Canada and internationally.

Brianne has been working with CENPHER in Hanoi, Vietnam, developing a One Health curriculum manual for lecturers and students in the Masters of Public Health - One Health program, researching food contamination, designing an indicator framework, and implementing an observational case study on buyer/seller relationships in traditional markets.

Talia Glickman

taliaG  Country -- Vietnam

  Position--Health Risk Assessment / Health Impact Specialist

  International Partner--Centre for Public Health and Ecosystem Research (CENPHER)

  Placement Dates-- March-July 2018

 Talia is a graduate of the University of Guelph, having completed her Master's of Science in Epidemiology in Fall 2017. Her research interests include zoonotic and foodborne diseases and global health. Talia's Master's research looked at Salmonella prevalence on Canadian dairy farms and is currently undergoing edits for publishing.

Talia worked with CENPHER staff to provide support, take part in study design, and conduct data analysis on health risk assessment projects.

Maggie Henry

Maggie   Countries -- Kenya

   Positions--  Farm Management Advisor

   International Partners--MERU Dairy

  Placement Dates— June 2018

Maggie is a PhD student at the University of Guelph in the Population Medicine Department. Maggie's research focuses on using therapeutic levels of the amino acid tryptophan to decrease behaviour issues in growing pigs. Maggie was raised on her family's dairy farm in Eastern Ontario and has loved all things dairy cows from a very early age. Maggie has just returned from a placement in Meru, Kenya, where she worked as a Farm Management Advisor. During her placement, Maggie visited several small scale dairy farmers and their farms,and helped conduct seminars on increasing milk production, improving cow and calf nutrition and improving cow and calf welfare. During her placement, Maggie was able to explore different national parks and see many of the incredible animals and scenes that Kenya has to offer!

Laura-Anne Kutryk

   Countries -- Uganda, Kenya

   Positions--  Animal Health Worker, Dairy Specialist, Field Veterinarian

   International Partners-- Meru Dairy Co-operative, SNV

  Placement Dates— May, 2009, February 2017,  August, 2017

Dr. Laura-Anne Kutryk is a veteran of three VWB/VSF-related volunteer placements.  The first, in 2009 when she was a student, was through the Global Vets Program working with the Goat Pass-On Project in Uganda.  She did a three week placement in Kenya in February, 2017 where she worked with dairy co-op members to improve the health of their cattle.  Her most recent placement saw her return to Uganda for a 4 month assignment designed to improve herd health and management for dairy farmers.  She spent part of that time living and working on a dairy farm that is used to demonstrate best practices to other farmers.

Laura is a graduate of the Western Canada College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, and has completed an advanced program for Dairy Veterinarians at Cornell University.  She has practiced in Stettler, Cold Lake, and Bonnyville, Alberta. 


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