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Project Facts

  • To help small-hold farmers raise healthier guinea fowl, discover why the annual guinea fowl die-off is between 20-80% during the rainy season.
  • Start Date 2007
  • LOCATION Chang, Sombo, Nator and Charia villages, Nadowli District, Wa Ghana
  • KEY PARTNERS Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the Wa region
  • BENEFICIARIES Farmers and their families


Ghana is a developing country, and has a better standard of living than many sub-Saharan nations, however 30% of its population still lives below the poverty line. VWB/VSF is here to help improve the lives of rural Ghanaians, who most often live in extreme poverty. 

Big Challenges

Poverty and subsistence living is particularly rampant as you travel north in Ghana. Separated from urban centres and primarily agricultural, centres, Northern Ghanaians have little or no access to veterinary care and medical services.

Where are we working?

VWB/VSF is assisting people in the Nadowli District, where impoverished farmers often suffer from devastating crop and livestock losses due to disease and drought. 

Small Steps to Great Solutions

VWB/VSF is teaching community members about livestock disease prevention, detection and treatment, as well as better ways of harvesting and storing animal feed. In the last two years, we’ve also begun a guinea fowl production program, which will help Ghanaians, and particularly women, raise poultry for profit and supplement their nutritional needs.

Dr. Bruce Hunter, a professor at the University of Guelph, was dedicated to the Ghana project until his untimely death in 2011. Bruce received our Volunteer of the Year Award from VWB/VSF in recognition of his work and commitment. Bruce, who was renowned amongst Ghanaians for trying any and every new kind of food put in front of him during village celebrations, shepherded the guinea fowl program through its first years. VWB cherishes the memory of Bruce and is using his vision to continue the project.


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