Southeast Asia - Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

As the world urbanises and the GDP of Southeast Asian economies continue to grow, 75% of the population in Asia is still rural.

Unfortunately poverty is a rural problem: over 80% of poor people live in rural areas.

Most rural populations rely on livestock for some or all of their income and livelihoods. Animals are used for draught power, as savings (which can be sold when times are tough), and of course as a food source.

And yet animal health services are often under-resourced or even non-existent in many areas.

Through our work, Vets without Borders supports government partners, NGOs, and local communities in Southeast Asia, specifically Laos and Cambodia, to improve animal health and tackle problems associated with agriculture, poverty, health and the environment.

We focus on the following themes:


Improving animal health, production and welfare in rural communities.


Working with communities to find sustainable approaches to improving small-scale income generation, family nutrition and community health


Better understanding and communicating the relationship between environment, climate change and risks of emerging infectious diseases which affect people and animals


We help our partners respond to risks of emerging diseases, address challenges of agricultural intensification, and develop training and education tools which promote integrated ecosystem approaches to health.


  • Research into rabies prevention in Cambodia in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – download our article here
  • Building Ecohealth Capacity in Asia (BECA) - workshops, training events and resource development with partners in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam to build knowledge and skills to reduce factors which contribute to emerging infectious diseases (EID) in the region.
  • Ecosystem approaches to the better management of zoonotic emerging infectious diseases in the Southeast Asia region (EcoZD) – technical support to the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and partners in Indonesia, Laos and Thailand in needs assessment, development of integrated health curricula, and research approaches for zoonotic EIDs


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