Our Story

We’re a little different. We like to look at the big picture—healthy animals, people and environments world wide—but we start small.

Sometimes, we start with one chicken, in Ilima, Tanzania. Or one goat in the tiny rural community of Mbarara in Uganda. Or the vaccination and sterilization of free-roaming dogs in a remote village in Guatemala. But the effects of our work—better nutrition for families, improved livelihoods, a greater number of kids attending school and lower incidence of disease—can make a big difference for the entire world.

  • Healthy animals support healthy communities.
  • Healthy communities can better care for kids, animals and the environment.
  • Making small improvements to animal, human and environmental well-being is the core of ecohealth, our underlying philosophy.

The positive benefits of ecohealth can be felt around the world.

Small steps toward great solutions. That’s our big picture.