Erin Fraser, DVM, MSc

Executive Director
Erin is a veterinarian and an epidemiologist. She completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Guelph in 1993. She is a 1998 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College. In 1999, she completed a Master of Science degree in epidemiology at the University of Guelph. Her MSc research was conducted in Honduras where she investigated the role of small livestock in hillside farm communities and cooperated with sociologists, agronomists, and farmers to identify the key constraints and opportunities related to small livestock health and production. Between 2000 and 2007, she worked as an epidemiologist at the Centre for Coastal Health on a variety wildlife health, risk assessment, zoonotic disease outbreak, and aquaculture projects. During the same period she also worked with the Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance at the Public Health Agency of Canada. Erin was a founding executive board member of VWB/VSF and in late 2007, was hired as its Program Director.

Monique Charron

Executive Assistant
Monique has worked in International Development for more than 14 years, starting at the Canadian Red Cross on the Delegate Program, then working with the Canadian Co-operative Association where she managed co-operative and credit union projects mostly in Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi and Sierra Leone) but also in Mongolia. Later she worked with the Canadian Labour Congress overseeing the management of the International Labour Development Program in cooperation with eight affiliate Canadian labour organizations. Monique also has a passion for dogs and has been involved in dog training and behaviour modification in association with a training facility located in Ottawa.

Margot Camoin, DVM

Veterinarian and Livelihoods Officer
Margot is a French veterinarian and epidemiologist who obtained her DVM in Lyon and her MSc in Animal Health and Epidemiosurveillance in Southern Countries (SAEPS) at the Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research and Development (CIRAD), Montpellier. Before coming to Laos she worked in Wallis and Futuna, two very small islands in the Pacific ocean, focusing her work on pigs whose population exceeds the number of people living there!  As a new recruit of Vets without Borders, she is working to strengthen animal healthcare services and community health in Laos, and hopes it will help increase the well-being of these communities. 

She made the most of her student years by working as an intern in England, Spain, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Mali, Philippines and Thailand, discovering the development side of veterinary work.  Yet her will to discover the world does not necessarily fit her passion for sport... Margot, travelling light? Never! She is always carrying around her sports gear be it a kite surf, rock-climbing shoes or lately a slackline.

Sonia Fèvre, MSc

Asia Regional Director
A specialist in community development and capacity building, Sonia has been with Vets without Borders since 2009. In that time she has launched VWB’s animal and community health projects in Laos and the wider SE Asia region. Sonia works with national universities, NGOs and community partners, as well as being privileged to collaborate with organizations around Southeast Asia (Cambodia, China, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam) to develop research and teaching capacities in Ecohealth.

Sonia thrives in the outdoors and is passionate about purposeful collaboration; she helps facilitate group processes with communities and regional networks. Prior to joining VWB, Sonia developed training and capacity building on post-tsunami projects in Aceh, Indonesia with Right To Play and has worked on social mobilization campaigns related to climate change and corporate social responsibility (WWF-UK), urban regeneration, and health promotion (WHO Geneva).  She read Social Anthropology at King's College, University of Cambridge and completed her Masters in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. So far she speaks English, French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia, is learning Lao, and has also volunteered and worked in India, Malaysia Chile, Ecuador, UK, Switzerland and Canada.

Thomas Weigel, MA

Project Manager Mini-Livestock/Business and Economics Officer (Volunteer)
Thomas Weigel works on projects for improving livelihoods and food security in Laos. He is Project Manager for VWB’s mini-livestock projects, including cricket production and processing for smallholder farmers and applied research on mini-livestock and community nutrition. Thomas also develops business models and financing mechanisms for VWB’s projects to ensure their long-term sustainability beyond the project duration.  He holds post-graduate degrees in International Development and Management of Development Projects, a degree in Social Work, and has recently completed a post-graduate course on Food and Nutrition Security for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia. He has been an official speaker at AIDF’s Asia Food Security Summit (2014), for VWB’s Small-scale Farming of Edible Insects projects and Potential Contributions to Food and Nutrition Security in Southeast Asia.  In addition to Laos, his international experience includes work in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Romania and Germany. 

Thomas is passionate about sustainable rural and agricultural development, and improving rural peoples’ livelihoods. He grows his own chilies and tomatoes and intends to raise chickens soon.  Happiest living in rural areas, he enjoys mingling with local people, discovering their cultures, and listening to their stories. When it comes to food, Thomas is renowned for trying anything, the spicier and more exotic the better.  


Katie Manoogian, MS

Communications Officer (Volunteer)
Katie has been volunteering for Vets without Borders since February 2014.  She assists with communications, reports, social media, and fundraising. Prior to moving to Laos, Katie worked in the healthcare administration field in Portland Oregon for 5 years.   Her dedication to public health and the medical education field inspired her to pursue her Master's degree in Healthcare Management, which she received from Oregon Health & Science University in 2012.  During her undergrad, she received her BS in Journalism and Public Relations from Ohio University in Athens. She has been an integral team member in her healthcare administration roles for transforming organizational systems and program management. 

Katie is a life-long animal lover and continually rescues, fosters, and adopts dogs and cats.  While living in Portland, she was committed to only adopting elderly shelter dogs and rescue cats.  In Laos, she has cared for several foster animals and found permanent homes for all of them!   She strongly believes in animal welfare and feels fortunate to be able to work with an organization that is committed to a mission of people and animal health. 

Amy Lowe, DVM

Community Outreach (Volunteer)
Amy is a veterinarian, originally from a small town called Beaver Bank, just out of Halifax, NS and is currently practicing at a feline-only clinic in Ottawa.  She first became involved with VWB as a volutneer in the student program during vet school at teh Atlantic Veterinary College. Our project took place at Marwar Animal Protection Trust (MAPT), a sapy/neuter and rabies vaccination clinic based in Jodhpur, India. This experience sparked a passion for international development and animal health, which as since led Amy to be involved in veterinary programs in Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, India, and within Canada's borders in northern Labrador. She also regularly volunteers with the Ottawa Human Society (OHS) and with Community Vet Outreach (CVO), an organization that proveds access to preventative veterinary care for the homeless. Amy says that the experience she has gained through VWB shapes how she practices as aveterinarian both in and outside of the clinic, and she is very excited to be helping raise awareness for Vets without Borders' programs throughout the world!

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