Advisory Council

Brian G. Bedard, Executive Director, Science and Education Foundation, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Theresa Bernardo, IDEXX Chair in Emerging Technologies and Bond-Centred Animal Healthcare, Univeristy of Guelph

Jeff Davidson, Professor, Department of Health Management (Aquaculture, Ecohealth, Curriculum, Development) University of Prince Edward Island

Hazel Dickie, Former Treasurer, VWB-VSF Canada

Brian Evans, Deputy Director General, Head of Scientic and Technical Department at World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Jack Gewarter, Retired Veterinarian, Former Director, VWB/VSF Canada

Ralph Goldman, NY-Based Practitioner - International Project Development Expertise

Alden Hadwen, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Groupe Aeroplan

Scarlett Magda,  Founder and President of Veterinarians International, Former Director, VWB/VSF Canada

John McDermott, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington

Chas Povey, Board Chair, Lifelearn Inc.

Senani Ratnayake, Owner, Motivatum Consulting

Barry Stemshorn, Independent Environmental Services Professional, Former Director, VWB/VSF Canada

 Enid Stiles, Private Veterinarian, Sherwood Park Animal Hospital, Montreal, Past President, VWB/VSF-Canada

Roger Thomson, Private Veterinarian, Former Director, VWB/VSF-Canada


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South SudanBy helping small farmers and fishers produce more and better food, we are working to reduce hunger in this troubled nation.
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