In sub-Saharan countries, extreme poverty, subsistence farming and a high rate of mortality for livestock all too common. Many families cannot afford food to feed their families, fees to send their children to school, or to buy livestock that could lift them out of poverty. Women’s rights are severely limited. Often, women are barred from owning or inheriting property. Food security is very low. Drought and disease can decimate a community in a single year.

Our Projects

VWB/VSF works on big picture challenges of nutrition, disease and gender equality by concentrating on small, workable solutions. We partner with local communities and other non-profit organizations to deliver on the ground programs that focus on creating stable, sustainable communities and improved health for animals, people and the environments in which they live.

Given the right tools and knowledge, women, children and families can transform their lives; these improvements are then replicable in adjacent communities, benefiting people around the world. In Africa, VWB/VSF is making small changes to create big picture solutions.


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