Project Facts

  • To alleviate poverty among families affected by HIV/AIDS by participating the goat pass-on project.
  • Start Date 2006
  • LOCATION Mbarara, in southern Uganda
  • KEY PARTNERS Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children (FAOC), 
University of Saskatchewan
  • BENEFICIARIES Farmers and their families

Where we are



Over ten million people in rural Uganda live in abject poverty, surviving on less than $1.25 per day. Vets without Borders is working in Uganda to help rural communities raise healthy livestock that can benefit families, communities and entire villages.

Big Challenges

A significant portion of an entire generation has been lost to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda. The country is now populated with over one million orphans and many grandmother or child – headed households. Ugandan women have little or no access to livestock and land ownership, as ownership and inheritance laws traditionally favour men. Women also have limited access livestock support services, financial credits and input into community council decisions.

Small Steps to Great Solutions

VWB/VSF is helping to transform the community of Mbarara, one goat at a time. Goats are hardy, fertile and easy to transport. They are also one of the few animals that women can traditionally own, making them a great animal to facilitate the empowerment of women. In rural areas, however, veterinary care and nutrition for goats is hard to access, resulting in high rates of goat mortality and a degraded environment from overgrazing.

The goat pass-on project helps women and children, in particular, to:

  • Raise socioeconomic status 
  • Improve nutrition
  • Develop sustainable goat production practices
  • Improve gender equality
  • Protect the environment from overgrazing
  • Train local community members to encourage long term project sustainability

The goat pass-on project provides goats and goat training to Mbarara’s most vulnerable families. As they reproduce, goats are paid forward throughout the community, in order to repay the cost of the goat and benefit a wider group. VWB/VSF also hosts workshops and training sessions for farmers, students and women in the community, to teach goat management, including nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention and low-impact grazing.

To support and donate to the goat pass-on project, please visit the goat pass-on donation page.


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