Our Approach

Our mission is to work for, and with, communities in need to foster the health of animals, people and the environments that sustain us.

This is what we call an ecosystem approach to health. Ecohealth: one health for everyone, everywhere.

How do we do it?

  • We focus on animal health care as integrally tied to human and ecosystem health. By treating all three, we create sustainable solutions for the planet.
  • We respect people, culture, local knowledge, human rights, laws and customs, animal welfare, and the environment.
  • We are guided by the communities we work with and we are committed to participatory and inclusive approaches to development. We believe that sustainable solutions are most often created when locally identified and owned.
  • Our work happens on the ground in every program country: in community meetings, training local people on animal health care, delivering vaccinations, helping to form co-ops, training women, children and families in food production, nutrition, husbandry and disease control.
  • Our projects are built to be repeatable and to promote sustainability over the long term, so that communities can grow independent and strong and act as models for others.
  • We are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge and continuously learning from our partners.

    Our supporters believe in us; they enable us to make our dreams for the planet into reality: together, we can create a better future for all.


Big Picture - Big IssuesExplore some of the issues that challenge us.
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South Sudan

South SudanBy helping small farmers and fishers produce more and better food, we are working to reduce hunger in this troubled nation.
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VolunteerLearn about our new project, Volunteers for Healthy Animals and Healthy Communities.
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